regimes pilates dublinPilates has been around since the 1920’s. It was developed by a German athlete called Joseph Pilates who used the method to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during the first World War.

At the end of the war, Joseph and his wife Clara moved to New York City where they opened a Studio. Well known dancers, athletes and actors became followers of this method and attended the Pilates Studio for training and rehabilitation.

Stott Pilates” is a contemporary approach to the mind body system of exercise pioneered by Joseph regimes pilates dublinH. Pilates. It incorporates modern exercise science to safely deliver optimal strength, tone, flexibility and posture, without adding bulk. The stress relieving method can be performed on a mat or using specially designed equipment. It is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

  • Pilates helps to build a stronger body from the inside out.
  • A flatter stomach and a trimmer waist.
  • Longer, leaner muscles.
  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Better posture.
  • Improved strength and flexibility.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Less incidence of back pain.
  • Heightened mind-body awareness
Group Classes

In our Group Matwork Classes of 8 people maximum, we teach our clients a variety of exercises using small equipment such as flex bands, fit balls, Pilates rings, Toning balls and foam rollers.

Classes range from beginner level 1, to Advanced level.

Group Reformer Classes: Max. 5 per class

One to One

In our One-To-One Sessions, our clients also use The Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair, barrel  and other small apparatus.

The Reformer machine adds extra resistance using springs to challenge the body in a variety of positions, ie standing, lying and sitting.

One-To-One Classes are sutiable for all levels, particularly complete beginners and those with injuries.


Pre-Natal Pilates Classes are the perfect way to stay fit and toned during pregnancy, with a focus on exercises which incorporate  the pelvic floor muscles.