**”I ‘ve been going to Regimes now for five years. I go with my sister. We do a semi-private Pilates class together. We’ve gone to other Pilates classes, but they just don’t compare. Eileen is definitely the best teacher we’ve come across.”

Oonagh, Temple Bar.

**”I’m definitely not a gym person but I want to stay fit so I’ve been going to Regimes twice a week for a year and I can really see a difference in my body. I have a much better shape and I’ve toned up all over. And the great thing is…I actually enjoy it!”

Julie, Dublin 6.

**”I’ve tried numerous forms of exercise…all the latest fads and I’ve always lost interest or given up. Pilates is the only one I’ve stuck with. After just a year, my body is more agile, toned and graceful.”

Susan – Booterstown.

**”If you’re looking for a fit, toned body and an enjoyable way to exercise, then I’d say Regimes is definitely for you.”

Lucy, Blackrock.

**”My 40th birthday present to myself was a firmer butt than I had when I was 30. Eileen made me make it happen.”

Sheila, Dublin 2.

**”I went to Eileen after I’d had a baby and I was very overweight. I’d lost all the excess weight within 3 months. I had a better figure than when I was 20! I think it’s a bit intimidating to do personal training in a gym setting but at Regimes, it really is one-to-one. Just you and the trainer. Eileen a great motivator. I love working out with her.

Mary,Dublin 3

**”I’ve had terrific inch loss and I feel as if I’ve done it in an effective, healthy way.”

Sharon, Clontarf

**(results may vary from person to person)